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The End of The Dog Days of Sumer

Updated: Jul 24

The dog days of Summer are almost are almost behind us! Hallelujah! Did you know the ancient Romans called the hottest, most humid days of summer “diēs caniculārēs" or “dog days." The name came about because they associated the hottest days of summer with the star Sirius. Sirius was known as the “Dog Star" because it was the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major (Large Dog). I actually did not know this, it was just something that was always said in the South and everyone understood what it meant. Interesting! You learn something knew everyday.

Fall is by far my favorite season! There is so much to love about Fall! The crisp cool mornings are energizing and inspire me to be more active. My long haired German Shepherd seems to be happier during his cool Fall morning park runs. The leaves are a must see in the North Georgia Mountains and need I remind you of the most amazing scents of the season? Pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, pecan pie, apple cider and the smell of a cozy fire! Head over and get your scent fix with one of our many candle options!

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